Handy tips for the hunting field ...









DRESS: AUTUMN HUNTING: Rat catcher or Barbour or modern smart equivalent. OPENING MEET and afterwards, the same or a black/navy hunting jacket is permissible.

PARKING: Try to park a little distance from the meet. This gives your horse time to settle before arrival at the meet which should be prompt. If in doubt and you are intending to park in a steading or private land, please make prior arrangement with the landlord.. Do not block access to any field or road or track or in any way inconvenience other people. Plan ahead! Remember to thank your host.

We must avoid stock escaping from fields and or becoming mixed with stock from neighbouring fields. If this happens the farmer at worst might ban the hunt from his land. All gates which are shut when you  arrive at them must be closed again after you pass through them and tied or chained properly.

On arriving at a gate which needs to be closed the first rider shouts ‘GATE PLEASE’
and each rider after that passes the same message to the person riding behind.
If you approach a gate which is to be shut do not move off until either you have closed the gate or the next rider realises that it must be shut. To pass on the message hold up your hand until the next approaching rider acknowledges your instruction by holding his or her arm up. So, look ahead if you are coming to a gate and be ready to let the rider in front get ahead by giving your signal. There is nothing more irritating than having to wait until the approaching rider arrives to get you message across. Also, if someone has been kind enough to open a gate wait for them to remount before moving off. Be ready to open gates for the Huntsman and or the Field Master. They have plenty to think about and appreciate your help.

Not all gates are well hinged swinging gates. Be equipped to retie any gate which is tied together with string.

Be careful not to hold up traffic. Let them through and show your appreciation for their patience. Acknowledge oncoming cars too. A smile and a wave does no harm.

Cattle in particular, give them a very wide berth. Occasionally we have to be prepared to go round another way rather than spook cattle which can easily stampede through fences. The watchwords are slow down, keep wide, and look ahead. If they start to run you are getting it wrong.

They are important in our club and enjoy hunting as much as mounted followers.  We are all in it together and should enjoy mutual support and communication.

Be careful if the land is wet. Do not canter down hill if the ground is cutting up. Keep right in to the edge of sown fields or young grass.

DAMAGE: If you damage a jump or a fence then you must report it to one of the Secretaries, Simon Winpenny or Lynn Anderson, as soon as possible.

Lynn Anderson takes responsibility as Field Secretary. To assist, please, hand her your Field Money or Voucher (sent to 5-Day Compound Cap Subscribers on receipt of their payment) at the Meet.

If Lynn is unable to be at a Meet to collect Caps/Vouchers, Simon Winpenny will collect on her behalf.  The List of Subscribers is regularly updated, so that the person collecting Caps/Vouchers will know who has paid!!!


The Secretary be contacted on secretaryberwickshire@gmail.com and either are happy and willing to assist with any other queries, especially on a day’s hunting so please feel at ease to ask them for assistance or advice.


Visitors are advised to contact the Secretary in good time, if they wish to come out as there may be changes to the original Meet arrangements – please pass this message to anyone you know who might like to visit us for a day.

WE HOPE YOU enjoy your hunting  - PLEASE try to make sure those around you are DOING THE SAME.

Simon Winpenny: Hon Secretary
Lynn Anderson: Field Secretary/Treasurer